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Safety operation regulations for slotting machine

info:   author: date:2020-11-04 view:926
1. Before operation of each shift, lubricating oil must be added according to the machine lubrication point instruction diagram.

2. Check whether the bolt of alloy cutter bar is loose.

3. Check the machine tool table regularly and keep it clean. Do a good job in daily maintenance, do not put sundries and wastes.

4. Check whether the fixed blade clip on the cutter bar is damaged and replace it in time if it is not good.

5. In normal operation, people are forbidden to enter the nose operation area.

6. Do not change the computer data programming in the automatic working state of the machine.

7. Stop the machine for maintenance in time in case of any abnormal phenomenon, and cut off the power supply before maintenance.

8. Check the machine tool regularly, keep it clean and do daily maintenance.

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