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Necessary knowledge of slotting machine

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Slotting machine equipment in the actual work of the factory to safe and standardized operation, usually pay more attention to the safe operation. How to operate the slotting machine safely. First of all, during the operation of the slotting machine, do not put the articles that are easy to slide or dump on the workbench; generally, personnel are forbidden to enter the unsafe area during the operation, and do not touch the grooving area inadvertently when the machine is working; after using the tools, return them to the original position to prevent accidents caused by forgetting to put them back When the equipment is running at high speed, in order to prevent the occurrence of danger, attention should be paid to the clothing of the operators: safety shoes should be worn, the coat should be tucked into the trousers, and no items should be put into the coat pocket.

Mechanical equipment should be safe and standard operation, not because of the desire to save time and cause big mistakes, in the use of slotting machine series of machinery and equipment must be safe and standardized. When we use the machine and equipment, if we find that the equipment has abnormal sound or dangerous state, we should immediately stop the operation of the equipment, and confirm the following items. After returning to the normal state, we can run again after confirming that it is safe. There are always "sick" machines, in the presence of adverse symptoms, we must cut off the power supply, find professional personnel for inspection and repair. Don't let the machine take "disease" into action.

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