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What are the characteristics of CNC sheet metal slotting machine

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The V-shaped slot is used to bend the sheet metal, which makes the bending parts have clear edges and corners, correct matching and beautiful appearance. Through the slotted plate, the special closed section with complex shape can be produced with the general die on the ordinary bending machine. Imported linear rolling guide rail and ball screw are used for beam movement, and imported servo motor is used for moving motor, with small moving resistance and high displacement accuracy. The imported linear rolling guide rail is used for the movement of the tool rest, and the computer numerical control system is used for the moving motor of the metal sheet slotting machine, and the moving speed is stable and adjustable. The ball screw is used for the feed screw rod of the tool rest, and the imported servo motor is used for the feed motor, so the feed resistance is small and the feed accuracy is high. The workpiece is clamped by pneumatic automatic clamping device, and the cutting tool is used for automatic spraying device for lubricating and cooling. Slotting machine is mainly used in medium and high-grade building decoration industry, elevator, shower room, splicing anti-theft door, kitchen equipment, label enterprises, ships, medical equipment and other industries. It can make V-shaped slotting for stainless steel sheet, copper plate, aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate, steel plate and other metal sheet materials, so that the arc radius of the workpiece edge after bending is very small and the plate is bent It can also be used to pre position the bending side length of the bending line to ensure the accuracy of the bending length. It is a new type of professional slotting equipment which is popular at home and abroad in recent years.

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